Monday, March 25, 2013

Mysterious Blackberry Partner Revealed; Brightstar Behind Purchase Of 1 Million Z10 Devices

It was announced a few weeks ago by Blackberry that a mystery partner had purchased one million Blackberry Z10 handsets. At the time, Blackberry did not reveal who the partner was, however the announcement gave a huge boost to the company as its shares shot up 8.2%. There was a lot of speculation that the mystery partner was a major carrier like Verizon or AT&T, but it turns out that the partner was Brightstar.
Brightstar is a wireless distributor that distributes products around the world. Approximately 40% of the company's revenue had been composed of Blackberry handset sales a few years ago. Apparently, Brightstar is confident enough in the Z10 that it made the purchase prior to launch. 
With that said, the U.S. launch of the Z10 occurred last Friday and did not go as well or garner the same kind of buzz that has been associated with new handsets coming from Apple or Samsung.
If you'd like to read a review, check out CNET's comparison of the Z10 versus the iPhone 5.

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