Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Google Keeping It In The USA... Manufacturing Glass In California

The highly anticipated, futuristic digital eye-wear from Google named Glass will reportedly be manufactured in Santa Clara, California. Google will be working with Hon Hai Precision Industry, better known as Foxconn, to assemble the product. Foxconn has been used by Apple for assembling iPhones, iPads and other Apple products. 

This announcement by Google is yet another example of a high profile company bringing manufacturing back to the US and giving a boost to President Barack Obama's drive to bring  “the next revolution in manufacturing is ‘Made in America’.”

Last year, Apple was the first major U.S. company to take President Obama's proposition seriously, with Apple CEO Tim Cook pledging to invest $100 million in American manufacturing and building one line of its Mac computers in the US.

Google currently has not commented on the story, so this report hasn't been confirmed as of yet, however if Google does indeed manufacture Glass in California, it would be a huge boost to American manufacturing and possibly pave the way for other U.S. electronics companies to follow suit. 

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