Sunday, March 10, 2013

Iran To Block Illegal VPN Use

Iran has infamously had problems with filtering the internet - they've spent tons of money trying to lock cyber attacks as well as trying to the nation's users from accessing sites deemed by Iran as illegal. Iran has now 'fixed' their problem by blocking illegal VPN use. Authorities have stated that many Iranians were using these Virtual Private Networks to get around the various internet filters to restrict sites. The same authorities have also stated that users will be able to purchase government-registered VPNs since there are some users who need to use these networks for the additional security. 
Iranians who have been using the illegal VPNs have confirmed that the networks were shutdown and all ports closed. Users are no longer able to use sites like YouTube or Twitter, nor are they able to use services like Skype for placing phone calls. 
Thoughts are that the Iranian Government is making such harsh restrictions due to the fact that they are planning on holding an election for a new president in June - the country wants to prevent what happened during the 2009 presidential election. 

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