Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Iconic Mind Launches Time Tracking Software

Ever wonder where your day goes? Do you hire consultants to work for your business? With a time tracking application, you can figure out how your work day is split up, or manage time for billing purposes, or analyze individual employee effectiveness as well as organizational productivity.

It's with that in mind that Iconic Mind has launched Iconic Time which is the latest application in our business productivity suite. 

Iconic Time is a cloud based application that is accessible via your smart phone, tablet or through a web browser and helps businesses keep track of billable time. With Iconic Time, you'll be able to manage time of your employees in a more efficient manner ensuring effective business management. The application will give you visibility into their actions, helping managers get better insight into what percentage of time an employee spends on a specific task, whether they're working on the right tasks, and which tasks they might be stuck with. With this information at hand, managers will be able to correctly distribute work loads and provide guidance helping contribute to increased productivity. 

In addition, customers who utilize Iconic Time will appreciate the ease of use as well as the assurance of full support from Iconic Mind. From decreasing dropped and lost charges to streamlining billing and accounting functions, this cloud based application is the perfect internal business tool to boost productivity.

To learn more about Iconic Time you can check out our press release or go to our website. Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook if you have any questions.


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