Monday, May 20, 2013

Choosing A Competitive Title For Content Marketing

Content is king - by writing good content, not only will it allow you to rank well in search engines, but it'll help with social media sharing and allow you stand out among other your competitors.
However, having good content alone may not be enough. Without having a good title to entire readers to click through to your site, your content may never have the chance of competing against your competitors. Title is the key to get the attention of your targeted readers and it plays an important role to help your content becomes king. Right, content does not become a king unless it has been acknowledged by its readers. So title is the opening door for a content to own a castle. But how do you choose the best appropriate title for your content? Here’s how, from both an SEO point of view as well as one that will lead to increased click-through:
Think about your target audience and the message you're looking to convey. With that in mind, then come up with a title that's simple but creative and memorable. Try creating a title that opens a knowledge gap, thus violating a user's schema 
Don't Write Misleading Titles
No matter how sensational and marvelous your blog post titles are, if you want your visitors to continue returning and to increase your conversions, then you better make sure that your content lives up to the hype. Misleading titles lead to high bounce rates and will leave visitors with a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to your brand. Title-content mismatches will only confuse — and alienate — readers.
Picking the Right Keywords and Proper Positioning

If you are looking to rely on traffic from search engines, then you want to have a focus on the right keywords to help you reach your intended targets. You also want to make sure that you position the keywords at the beginning of your title, as this is good from both an SEO perspective as well as a human one. People typically look at the first two or three words to decide whether they want to keep reading or move on to something else. 
Check Title Length (under 64-66 characters)
The number of characters that can be displayed in a search engine depends on the engine, however the typical rule of thumb is that you don't want a title that's greater than 64 characters. 

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