Sunday, April 28, 2013

LivingSocial Latest Site To Be Hacked

Online deals site LivingSocial, which recently was breached by cyber-attackers, has had to temporarily freeze its customer phone support due to large call volumes that they've been receiving from security-worried users. LivingSocial sent notification emails about the hacking attempt to all users that were affected. The daily promotion site has reported that more than 50 million accounts have been potentially breached, making this one of the largest password breaches of the year. 
Due to the suspension of customer phone support, LivingSocial is currently only accept web-based support. According to Tim O'Shaughnessy, the CEO of LivingSocial, this will result in fewer frustrated customers.
“Because we anticipate a high call volume and may not be able to answer or return all calls in a responsible fashion, we are likely to temporarily suspend consumer phone-based servicing,” O’Shaughnessy told Marketwatch. We will be devoting all available resources to our Web-based servicing.”
While the exact nature of how the system was breached is yet to be found out, LivingSocial is actively investigating and working with authorities to figure out how the hack took place. If you have a LivingSocial account, you should change your password immediately as well as change the login credentials for any other website where you are using the same username/email/password combinaion as LivingSocial. Also, be wary of any emails sent from unknown sources as they may be phishing attempts to gather more information. 

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